Interview with CTI mentor Saboor Rahmani


Short bio of yourself?


I am Saboor Rahmani and I was born on August 1989 in Herat, Afghanistan. After completing high school diploma, I have started computer science faculty on 2010. In 2013 I have successfully accomplished my bachelor degree and graduated from network department.

Q2. What was the reason you joined CTI as?


Miss Fereshteh Forough was my active and hardworking teacher and I have known her since starting computer science faculty in Herat. She founded Code to Inspire (CTI) on 2015, from the first days that CTI established, I have started helping her team as an honorary employee in Herat. Fortunately, on December 2016 Miss Forough the founder of CTI and Hasib Rassa CTI manager, suggested me to work as a finance and logistics employee, luckily this was a big chance for me to become an official member of CTI. I believe that empowering the women will raise up the knowledge and culture in the society, this was my big reason, why I am joint CTI.


As a man pursuing a career in tech, why do you think it is important for women in Afghanistan to learn to coding?


Since technology and coding are growing in Afghanistan, therefore this is a good chance for girls to start and grow their knowledge in coding. Also coding is a best way of earning money for girls, because they can work and code from home, office and other areas that no one can disturbing them.


How do you see the progress of students from the very first day until now?


As I said, from the first days that I started honorary cooperating with CTI, I did not believe so much that CTI will be the first coding school in Afghanistan with lots of achievements. But after a limited time I found that this center is different from others, I found that CTI coding school really works to empower the girls and women society in Afghanistan. I exactly remember the first days that the school students were not familiar with coding, but nowadays each one of the students can design a website. CTI school held a Hackathon contest between students on March 2017 on the occasion of women’s solidarity month. On the last day of hackathon, the students presented their projects with demos, I was really surprised with their ideas and applications they built.


If you want to share a message to people around the world about Afghanistan what it would be? 


Afghans are talented and hardworking, the only challenge on their way is lack of peace and quietness which is their big dream for long times.


Tell us a fun fact about yourself?


When I face any problem, I always want to have my own solution and like to find the easy way of solving that problem. This will method increase my self-confidence and help me try more.

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