Monday Motivation: Digital Story Book for Children by Farahnaz Osmani

Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” – Rumi

We are so  excited to share an amazing digital art work that is done by our brilliant and talented student Farahnaz Osmani.

It took her about three months to develop this book from sketching the initial art to using photoshop for making the digital version. Farahnaz put her passion and talent into making a digital story book for children based on “Kalila and Demna” a book that use animals and birds as main characters in it, which mainly refer to human characters. This book goes back to Indian roots, and was based on the Sanskrit text Pañcatantra. Then it was translated into Pahlavi language at the beginning of the sixth Gregorian century by orders from Khosrow I.


فرحناز عثمانی یکی از بانوان هنرمند و خلاق گرافیست ما داستان دیجیتالی را برای کودکان، برگرفته از کتاب کلیله و دمنه با نام اتحاد

پرند گان که حاوی بهترین حکایت های پند آمیز میباشد طراحی کرده است. داستان ابتدا به صورت تخیلی طراحی و سپس با استفاده از مواد مختلف رنگ آمیزی شده است. در پایان با برنامه فتوشاپ دیجیتالی شده و در مدت سه ماه روی آن شده است

به امید افغانستانی آباد و آزاد

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