#BreakTheBias this Women’s History Month with #AfghanGirlsCode

” Every woman is a strong person that is capable of doing anything she wants and no one can stop her.
I am very proud of myself that despite many restrictions imposed on women, I was able to come this far and didn’t give up on my dreams. I will always stand up against anyone who is against me and my beliefs and I will always speak up for women’s rights.
I have never allowed anyone to hinder my progress and I have always strived for my independence. Now I’m happy that I have been able to achieve some of my goals and have hope for my future.” – Kawsar

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#BreakTheBias with #AfghanGirlsCode

“I believe women can prove themselves and their abilities through upgrading their knowledge, acquiring different and effective abilities, and understanding their own rights. But I find it very difficult to be practiced in a society where anti women thoughts are prominent.

I wish for freedom and an ideal life-style for all women. I hope no woman feels imprisoned and not deprived from her humanity rights. My great wish for all women is education, development, security and liberty.

As a young woman ’m also proud of my perseverance and endurance, which helped me stay strong even in such difficult situations. ” – Maral

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CodeToInspire X ENCRYPTAS Launched First NFT Collection to Celebrate Women’s Day

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Our NFT collection is live on OpenSea now. Please check out and support our students’ work.

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Code to Inspire Students Finished Successfully their ConsenSys Academy scholarship

“Never lose hope, my heart, miracles dwell in the invisible.”
– Rumi
This Women’s History Month, we are excited to announce that four of our amazing Blockchain students were able to finish ConsenSys Academy scholarship.
انبیا گفتند نومیدی بدست
فضل و رحمتهای باری بی‌حدست
بعد نومیدی بسی اومیدهاست
از پس ظلمت بسی خورشیدهاست
خرسندیم از اینکه بانوان دوره بلاکچین ما با موفقیت توانستند در آکادمی معتبر کانسنس در این شرایط دشوار شرکت کنند و با موفقیت این دوره را به پایان برسانند.
به زنان سرزمینمان باورمندیم.
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