5 Reasons You Should Vote (with your Dollar) for Code to Inspire

Monday night’s presidential debate got us here at Code to Inspire thinking about how change is made on the ground for people who need it. Here is how we’re making those changes:
1. We’re educating some of the 85{1e5b5b8455e4fd0a501a0ba32c7b6cedbd9d99491662a4a0878218331661888d} of Afghan women who would not otherwise receive an education, especially in STEM
2. Teaching these women and young girls to code will help them increase the alarmingly low percent of women in the workforce in Afghanistan – 15{1e5b5b8455e4fd0a501a0ba32c7b6cedbd9d99491662a4a0878218331661888d}
3. We provide not just an education, but Internet access to Afghan girls who would not otherwise be able to access the Internet, and therefore, the world
4. The more women who learn to code, the more jobs we can create in Afghanistan
5. In addition to an education and internet access, we create a safe place to these women to learn – something most people take for granted
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