A Conversation with Code to Inspire Student, Farahnaz

  1. Tell us about yourself: (name, age, education, etc)

I am Farahnaz Osmani. I was born in 1997 in Herat City. I graduated from the high school and graduate school in 2015. I became interested in the art field and entered the Faculty of Fine Arts, and now I’m studying at the Department of Graphic Arts for the second year.

farahnaz Osmani

  1. How did you find out about Code to Inspire? Tell us about your journey to CTI, how do you compare yourself now from the very first day you joined CTI?

Along with the courses in college, I wanted to pursue auxiliary classes. So I was looking for a place that was excellent and reliable in all respects, as I learned through social networking about the CTI school. When I entered the school, I encountered an environment that was excellent in all respects and I wanted to be a member of the CTI family. After successfully passing the entrance examination and interviewing, I really felt good. The purpose of this school and the efforts of the mentors help me make every effort to make the most of each opportunity and learn.

  1. What have you learned so far in your Graphics and Design class? and what do you like about it the most?

Graphic art is very extensive, one part of which is graphic design, and I was able to master it through the studio using the Photoshop program, and showcase my ideas and creations through the program, which is really engaging and it is interesting.

  1. Tell us about one of the digital paintings you have done so far and like the most? Is there a message behind it?

I am of the opinion that any idea that is in the mind of a graphic artist is in fact a clear goal, and it is also influenced by the environment and society in which it lives, and it is very good to express everything we have in mind by graphic arts. Each of my designs also has a clear message that I plan to design and later turn into digital.

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  1. What is your message to people around the world as a girl in Afghanistan?

Afghan girls have extraordinary capabilities that will be far more advanced than men if they are supported by places like the CTI School. And I believe that the creativity and ideas that girls have on graphic arts can make a material difference.