An Interview with CTI Student, Morsal Fakoori

We have another interview of one of our amazing students. Read about Morsal’s time at CTI to see how much impact this school has on our students’ lives. This giving season please keep stories like Morsal’s in mind, with your help we are teaching the future of Afghanistan!       


  • Why did you join Code to Inspire?


I joined “Code To Inspire” coding school because I have been interested in Cartoons since I was a child and I have always wished I could create cartoons myself. When I learned about CTI, I thought it would be the perfect place for my goals; a place where I can learn coding to create animations and cartoons.


  • What do your family and friends think about you going to Code to Inspire?


Since I joined CTI, all my friends and family are supportive and proud of me. They are very delighted that I am learning coding in this school.  My mother knows that CTI will help my future. I have changed a lot since starting at CTI and everyone around me feels the change in me. My family is very grateful to CTI, mentors and the sponsors who are helping us to get an education.


  • What have you learned and what experience have you gained since joining Code to Inspire?


The experience I got from CTI in one year is equal to 3 years of study at my high school: I am learning so much. CTI let me learn in a different way which I had not experienced before. I have found my way to the light. I have learned basic coding like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Bootstrap. I can develop simple Webpages.


  • What do you hope for the future?


I believe that if I use what I have learned at CTI my future I can say I will make a lot of achievements and will be one of the best female web developers in Afghanistan.

My future dream:

I would love to learn advanced coding and become one of the most successful female coders in the world. Moreover, I would like go abroad in order to continue my studies using the opportunities and facilities there and return to my country to teach others.

You can follow her on Twitter and learn more about her daily activities here.