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    Asset Importing Part 1

    Details of the Session
    • How to import assets from various DCC tools
    • Understand different types of files we can import into Unreal
    • FBX pipeline
    • Manipulating import settings
    • How to bring assets Into and out of Unreal
    Learning Outcomes
    • Learn how to import assets into Unreal
    • Learn how to import textures
    • Learn how to import static meshes from FBX files
    • Learn how to import skeletal meshes from FBX files
    1. Import assets pre prepared by trainer
    2. Use assets in level
    3. Create and apply materials
    4. Configure the import settings
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    Asset Importing Part 2

    Details of the Session
    • Understand the caveats that go with importing and exporting
    • Combine and merge meshes to create new meshes
    • Understand pivot points for meshes
    • Understand use cases for importing via DataSmith
    Learning Outcomes
    • Learn how to import animations from FBX files
    • Learn how to alter import settings to manipulate the incoming assets
    • Learn how to leverage the imported assets within the engine
    • Learn about usage of Datasmith
    1. Apply animations to skeletal meshes
    2. Manipulate import settings
    3. Exporting and re-importing assets
    4. Adjust pivots
    5. Merging meshes using dev tools

Asset Importing

4 Hours