In Conversation with Code to Inspire student, Fatema Alizada

Hello everyone! Please meet one of CTI’s impressive prodigies. We are truly lucky to work with women like Fatema. Her ambition and intelligence shines through in this interview!

My name is Fatema Alizada I am 21 years old and I’ve graduated from computer science faculty of Herat university.

How did you find out about code to inspire? Tell us about your journey to CTI, how do you compare yourself now from the very first day you joined CTI?

I heard about CTI from friends and teachers and I saw some post about it on social media and I decided to join to Code to inspire to improve my abilities.

When I began studying computer science I had lots of dreams about becoming a programmer but after one year in faculty I found it difficult to pursue my dreams and I decided to change the way I study. I needed a place like CTI and an opportunity to improve my skills. when I heard about CTI and later joined it, I was able to code with some language but I want became a real programmer I love to create websites and applications before CTI this sounded impossible to me. starting coding in CTI helped me to understand everything is possible as long as I try hard, now I am able to create web sites and mobile applications and now I feel much better about myself, and my future. I can say code to inspire has helped me to find my way and it allowed me to challenge myself.

What programming language and framework you have learned so far ? tell us about one of your recent application you developed?

In code to inspire we started coding from HTML, CSS and JavaScript and now we are working with Appcelerator to develop mobile application. My recent project was a mobile application, with the name of Code to Inspire It is all about CTI.App3 App2

Why you think learning to code is important for women in Afghanistan?

I believe every person, men and women, in Afghanistan have lots of problem and living is hard for everyone not only women, but women face additional restrictions and this makes the situation more difficult for women. Like women around the world each woman in Afghanistan has her own dream and talent. Coding for a woman who wants to become a coder is everything. And with coding she can find her position in society and can show her talent to other people and it is a big opportunity for them.

What is your message to people around the world as a girl in Afghanistan who is a coder?

My message as a girl who codes is, never give up on your dreams as long as you work hard and believe in yourself anything can happen. One day girls in Afghanistan can be the best – I believe it!

Tell as the fun fact about yourself?

I also love calligraphy and painting. Sometimes, in my free time, I paint and write just for fun.

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