In conversation with Code to Inspire student, Samira Ansari


I’m Samira Ansari, and at the age of seventeen, I just graduated from high school. I actually was interested in learning languages like English and Pashto because I wanted to speak in different languages in order to communicate with different people.

I learned about Code to Inspire from two mentors who came to our school, and presented the opportunity to become a student at CTI and learn about new technology. I decided to join, so I could learn new things.

Before when I saw websites, I thought that the people who had created them must be such smart geniuses. Now when I develop my own webpages, I feel so strong and powerful.

My message to girls around the world is to never stop trying because society cannot be built by just men. It also needs women and girls. Girls should use every chance and opportunity they get to further their education.