Interview with Bibhash Roy – Code to Inspire Volunteer

For today’s blog post, we’re interviewing one of our volunteers, Bibhash Roy, who hails from India. Read on to learn more about his perspective on our work, the impact and importance of a proper education, and how women are perceived in India.

Tell us about yourself and your background.

I’m an engineer turned tech entrepreneur with a background in electrical engineering and information technology. Throughout my career, I’ve held positions at global companies including PricewaterhouseCoopers and Siemens. Now, though, I’m focused full time on my work as an entrepreneur.  

How did you find out about Code to Inspire and what motivated you to contribute to our mission in Afghanistan?

From Ehsan Ehrari, one of the Code to Inspire’s mentors. He told me about it when he expressed interest in one of my Git courses at Udemy.

What is the status of women accessing a STEM education in your country?

I’m from India, a free country with a rich legacy of democracy. While women technically enjoy equal rights as men, in reality, they don’t always have the same access to the economy or a proper education.

Indian women, however, have come of age and are taking big strides in contributing towards economic prosperity & their education in our country, especially in STEM. Another barrier is that the Internet hasn’t reached as much of the population as it has in developed countries in North America or Europe, but it is, of course, widely used.

Why do you think it is important for women to be technologically literate and know how to code? How does it empower them, especially in underserved communities?

Generally speaking, women comprise approximately 50{1e5b5b8455e4fd0a501a0ba32c7b6cedbd9d99491662a4a0878218331661888d} of the population in most countries.

Therefore,  if women are denied access to education and the economy, then the growth & prosperity of a nation becomes severely lopsided and stymied. Technology empowers society. When we arm women with education, especially in STEM, underserved communities can begin to catch up.

What is your message to people around the world about Code to Inspire’s work and Afghanistan?

Code to Inspire is doing commendable work to empower women of Afghanistan with a STEM education. I urge people and organizations around the world to contribute to this worthy cause.