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    Introduction to UE4 Part 1

    Details of the Session
    • Intro with Students
    • What is UE4?
    • Usage of UE4?
    • License Types
    • Installation
    • Epic Games launcher
    • History of epic games
    • Unreal Engine versions breakdown Introduction to Unreal Editor
    Learning Outcomes
    • Quick installation of UE4
    • Overview of UE4
    • Explore the Epic Games launcher
    • Epic Games marketplace
    • Familiar with the Unreal Editor
    • Understanding the interface and layout of
    1. Select your Epic License
    2. Download Epic Game Launcher
    3. Create Epic Account
    4. Explore the Epic Games Launcher
    5. Creating first Unreal project
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    Introduction to UE4 Part 2

    Details of the Session
    • Utilize simple project and other resources
    • Work with UE4 project structure
    • How to add geometry in UE4
    • Navigation in Viewport
    Learning Outcomes
    • Familiarity with Sample project content
    • Creating a basic environment
    • Getting and adding new content to UE4
    • Transition and Movement in the Viewport
    1. Use marketplace content to place around in environment
    2. Create a camera and explore some camera settings
    3. Create first Unreal Engine Project
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    Introduction to UE4 Part 3

    Details of the Session
    • Introduction to Unreal Editor Getting to know the different parts of the main editor
    • Exploring the main editor
      1. Content Browser
      2. World Outliner
      3. Details Panel
    Learning Outcomes
    • Understanding file and folder structure for project files
    • Creating your first high resolution image from the engine
    1. Create simple landscape and sculpt a small environment
    2. Render out our first high resolution screenshot.
    3. Navigate in the viewport

Intro to UE4

6 Hours