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    Level building in Unreal Part 1

    Details of the Session
    • Play test your level
    • Import / migrate assets
    • Creating a new level
    • World building with basics actors
    Learning Outcomes
    • Learn the Level Editor interface
    • Learn to playtest a Level
    • Learn how to import assets
    • Learn how to migrate content from one project to another
    • Learn about all the Actors that are needed for a typical Level setup
    1. Create a new project
    2. Understand the Level Editor interface
    3. Navigate a Level in the Viewport
    4. Playtest a Level
    5. Import assets   created    in     other applications
    6. Migrate content from one project to another.
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    Level building in Unreal Part 2

    Details of the Session
    • Using Fog actors
    • Reflection capture actors
    • Lightmass Importance Volumes
    • Using the post process volume.
    Learning Outcomes
    • Become familiar with Fog Actors
    • Learn about Reflection Capture Actors
    • Learn about Lightmass Importance Volumes
    • Become familiar with Post Process Volumes
    1. Create FOG Actor
    2. Add reflection capture in the viewport
    3. Add lightmass importance volume to viewport
    4. Work on basics of post process volumes
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    Level building in Unreal Part 3

    Details of the Session
    • Creating a landscape
    • Sculpt your level
    • Add landscape materials
    • Using the Foliage tool
    • Learn to use Quixel
    • Play test your first level
    Learning Outcomes
    • Learn to work with Landscape tools and settings
    • Learn about using height maps
    • Learn how to use Landscape Materials
    • Learn how to use Foliage tools and settings
    • Play Test Your Level Using Market Place Character
    1. Use Landscape tools
    2. Create a Landscape Actor
    3. Apply a Material to a Landscape Actor
    4. Apply foliage to the game space

Level Building

6 Hours