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    Intro to Lighting Part 1

    Details of the Session
    • Introduction to different types of lights in Unreal Engine (spot, point, rect, directional, skylight, emissive materials)
    • Static vs Dynamic Lighting
    • Static Lighting quick start (UVs, Shadow maps, resolutions, swarm)
    Learning Outcomes
    • Understand the different types of lights in Unreal
    • Understanding the different types of lighting solutions in Unreal
    • Choose the right types of light and lighting for your project
    1. Create an empty level to start our lighting explorations
    2. Creating a small semi closed environment to test the different types of lights and lighting
    3. Using primitive shapes to understand uvs, shadow maps and different shadow settings
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    Intro to Lighting Part 2

    Details of the Session
    • Dynamic Lighting quick start (Distance Fields, capsule shadows, optimization) Using HDRI’s
    • Brief introduction to Ray Tracing (only understanding the basic concepts and how to enable in project)
    Learning Outcomes
    • Visually understand the important settings and concepts for getting quality shadows
    • Using emissive materials to add to your static lighting
    1. Change various settings of lights to see the effect. (Attenuation radius, intensity, colour etc)
    2. Create and use emissive materials to add additional
    3. Briefly explore the post process settings with respect to exposure and


4 Hours