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    Basic Introduction to Materials Part 1

    Details of the Session
    • Introduction to PBR workflow
    • Creating Simple Materials
    • Breakdown of Starter Content Materials
    • Material Domains, Blend modes and Opacity
    • Textures – Power of 2, Mips,
    • Channels Material expression pins (Base colour, Roughness, normal etc)
    Learning Outcomes
    • Understand the    fundamentals  of    PBR workflow
    • Introduction to material editor
    • Breaking down the important material pins
    • Exploring different    material   types   by changing material domains and blend modes
    • Open up and breakdown materials from the Starter content
    • Understanding textures by using examples from starter content
    1. Create your first material
    2. Open up and breakdown premade materials from Starter Content
    3. Assigning and changing values of basic material pins (base colour, roughness, etc)
    4. Leveraging starter content textures to make our own
    5. Creating various types of materials (default lit, unlit, emissive, translucent, masked etc)
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    Basic Introduction to Materials Part 2

    Details of the Session
    • Utilize simple project and other resources
    • Work with UE4 project structure
    • How to add geometry in UE4
    • Navigation in Viewport
    Learning Outcomes
    • Familiarity with Sample project content
    • Creating a basic environment
    • Getting and adding new content to UE4
    • Transition and Movement in the Viewport
    1. Use marketplace content to place around in environment
    2. Create a camera and explore some camera settings
    3. Create first Unreal Engine Project

Material System

4 Hours