Monday Motivation – Building Afghanistan 2.0 with Fatemeh Matin

Our Monday Motivation is Fatemah Matin,  One of our brilliant Graphic Designers. Fatemah is an Architect bachelor. It has been about two years that she is Learning Graphic Design at “Code To Inspire”.


The road to career success looks different to everyone. After deep thoughts, I realized I’m more talented in creative works like graphic design and digital art.
When I joined CTI, the first thing I learned was Photoshop and I felt this is the right path for me!

One of the beautiful aspect of graphic designing is the wide variety of jobs that I can pursue, especially, I become highly motivated after I got two payed projects through CTI. As an undergrad, I would have never imagined my trajectory could provide me with so many opportunities. My biggest piece of advice for aspiring designers is to never settle in a role if it is hard. There is more there, so keep trying and keep looking for what inspires you!

فاطمه متین یکی از دختران توانا و با استعداد ما در زمینه طراحی گرافیک و هنرهای دیجیتالی است.
فاطمه میگوید:‌ زیباترین جنبه دانستن طراحی گرافیک نه تنها خلاقیت کاری است بلکه جنبه درآمدزایی آن نیز میباشد. من هیچ وقت فکر نمیکردم که با دانشی که کسب کردم بتوانم منبع درآمدی داشته باشم اما از طریق مدرسه سی تی آی توانستم دو کار طراحی گرافیک با درآمد انجام بدهم.

بزرگترین توصیه من برای طراحان گرافیک این است که هرگز در برابر سختی ها تسلیم نشوید. تلاش را ادامه دهید و به دنبال آنچه که به شما انگیزه و الهام میدهد باشید.
به امید افغانستانی آباد و آزاد.