Monday Motivation – Building Afghanistan 2.0 with Zohra Jafari

Happy International Day of Women & Girls in Science! Women play a critical role in the science & technology advancements around the world. This #MondayMotivation and #WomenInScience day we would like to feature Zohra Jafari, our brilliant Full Stack Developer.
Zohra says:
“Successful individuals experience many failures on the path to their goals, yet they still continue to move on because they believe they will eventually find the right path or create one. sometimes, the role of a supporter is not less than making efforts and resistance which in this case, CTI has played a tremendous role in showing me the right path to my goals.I would like to express my special gratitude to Miss. Forough and all CTI mentors for helping me. Thank you so much everyone. “


روز جهانی زنان در بخش ساینس مبارک باد. زنان نقش بسزایی در تمام عرصه های پیشرفت ساینس و تکنولوژی در جهان داشته و دارند
:زهره جعفری یکی از بانوان پر تلاش و خلاق ما در قسمت برنامه نویسی میگوید

هر انسان موفقی در مسیر رسیدن به اهداف اش کلی شکست را تجربه کرده و باز هم با مقاومت پیش میرود چون بنظر او راهی را که میخواهد یا پیدا میکند یا .میسازد