Monday Motivation – Monthly Internet Package for our Students

“A candle loses none of its light by lighting another.”
– Rumi

Without YOU and your generous donation, our students wouldn’t be able to continue their online education and keep up learning. Because of YOU, we were able to purchase free monthly Internet package for our students who couldn’t afford it and now they are able to write codes and improve their graphic design skills following up our online classes.

خیــر کـــن بــا خـلق، بهـر ایزدت

سپاسگزاریم از همه عزیزانی که ما را یاری کردند تا بسته های ماهانه اینترنت برای شاگردان مان خریداری کنیم تا بتوانند درس های شان را از خانه به صورت آنلاین دنبال کنند

به امید افغانستانی آباد و آزاد
به زنان سرزمینمان باورمندیم