Monday Motivation – Providing Online Classes in Herat

Don’t you know Yet? It is your light that lights the World.” – Rumi

Keeping our students motivated and engaged is our priority during this pandemic. Since the total lock down, we transferred our classes online for those who can access. We are happy to see our girls are not giving up and doing their best even during this hard time.

خوشحالیم از اینکه شاگردان ما با امید به تلاششان در این شرایط بحرانی ادامه میدهند
به گفته حضرت مولانا

بعد نومیدی بسی امیدهاست

از پس ظلمت، دو صد خورشیدهاست

به امید افغانستانی آباد و آزاد