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    Intro to Particles Part 1

    Details of the Session
    • Introduction to the Niagara Particle System (VFX).
    • What are Niagara Systems?
    • What are Niagara Emitters?
    Learning Outcomes
    • Understanding the basic Templates and Wizards.
    • Understanding the different Components of it.
    • Understanding the Niagara VFX Workflow
    • Exploring the Niagara
    • How to create Niagara Particle System
    1. Creating the Niagara System and Niagara Emitter.
    2. Choosing the template and wizards
    3. Creating the material for the particle system.
    4. Adding the engine provided
    5. Creating custom attributes and using it.
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    Intro to Particles Part 2

    Details of the Session
    • What are Niagara Modules?
    • What are Niagara Parameters?
    • Make a particle effect from scratch
    Learning Outcomes
    • how to add extra and custom modules to the system
    • how to control the behavior of the particles
    • how to adjust and control the color, lifetime, spawning, velocity, gravity, etc.
    1. Adding engine modules to the particle system.
    2. Creating custom
    3. Experimenting with various
    4. Bring the Niagara VFX into the level.


4 Hours