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    Post Process Part 1

    Details of the Session
    • Introduction to Post
    • How to use the Post
    • What are the color grading components in Post Process?
    Learning Outcomes
    • Understanding the real time Post
    • Understanding the various Color grading techniques.
    • Understanding the     various    rendering features
    1. Adding the post process volume to the level and setting it
    2. Adjusting the color
    3. Adjusting the global
    4. Checking the auto exposure
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    Post Process Part 2

    Details of the Session
    • What is Camera & Rendering features in Post Process.
    • How to create custom Post Process
    • How to use LookUpTable with Post Process.
    Learning Outcomes
    • Understanding the Camera effects eg. bloom, lens flare, depth of field, dirt mask etc.
    • Understanding the OCIO in PP.
    1. Enabling the Depth of Field and setting up the
    2. Creating the Custom PP
    3. Setting up the custom Post Process Material.
    4. Setting up        RayTracing      and ScreenSpaceReflection into the
    5. Importing the OCIO configuration file and creating the color profiles.

Post Process

4 Hours