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    Sequencer in UE4 Part 1

    Details of the Session
    • Introduction to Sequencer in
    • How to organize the Sequencer track?
    • How to add Actor and Character into the Sequence Track?
    • How to add animations?
    Learning Outcomes
    • Understanding the nonlinear animation workflow
    • Uses of FPS and
    • Difference between the Master and Level sequence.
    • Understand sequence track
    1. Create a level
    2. Add actor & character to the Sequence track and add keyframes to animate them.
    3. Auto key feature to add keyframes automatically.
    4. Key Interpolation tool to variate the animation.
    5. Add an existing animation track to the character and play in
    6. Change the FPS and Time duration of the track
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    Sequencer in UE4 Part 2

    Details of the Session
    • Difference between    Linear   and    Non-Linear Animation?
    • Curve Editor Graph?
    • Types of Interpolation?
    • Introduction to Physically Based
    • Rendering Settings?
    • Rendering out the final
    Learning Outcomes
    • Understanding to work in
    • Understanding the curve animation
    • Understanding the Rendering settings for the
    • Understanding the Camera Settings eg. Lenses, Filmback, Aperture, Focus etc.
    1. Use Curve Editor to tweak the animation into the
    2. Add Camera to the scene and set up lenses &
    3. Modifying the Focus and
    4. Create the Master Sequence and add the level sequence to it.


4 Hours