fear of poets

“I can’t imagine a more noble cause than Code to Inspire’s work to give Afghan women financial and occupational independence. At Fear of Poets, we share the same goal of empowering women. We hope that more and more women enter the global technology workforce through Code to Inspire’s programs, proving that women can do anything they put their minds to no matter the challenge!”

Laura Holmes, fearofpoets.com


“At Overstock.com, there’s a lot we do simply because it’s the right thing. One of these is providing employment for women in Afghanistan. Indeed, there was a time when Worldstock, our fair trade division, was the single largest employer of women in that country. Another thing we do out of principle is support the global bitcoin ecosystem. So you can imagine that when we learned about Code to Inspire, which uses bitcoin to give women in Afghanistan meaningful and sustainable employment, were eager to find a way to help out.”

Overstock.com CEO Patrick M. Byrne


“The technology industry is highly innovative and global. In order to continue this progress and evolution, diversity of experiences, expertise and opinions is vital. We need to encourage all participants and contributors of the tech community. BitFury is happy to help and give smart and determined young women who code to inspire the opportunity to pursue their dreams.”

BitFury CEO Valery Vavilov 

“Ten years ago it cost a lot of money to do a tech start-up, today it costs less money. Two years from now it will probably cost remarkably less money and when it costs five hunder or fifty dollars to form a start up that solves a local or global problem recognized by a smart entrepreneur anywhere in the world, we will really be on our way to becoming a planet of stakeholders.”

ConsenSys Founder Joseph Lubin 

“We are excited to include Code to Inspire in our recent cohort of 28 organizations across 16 countries. Our RISE Awardees make up a community of passionate and vibrant educators and advocates; they are change makers that engage, educate, and excite students about computing through extracurricular outreach.”

Nicky Rigg, Google’s RISE Awards Program Manager