Welcoming our New Advisory Board – Dr. Hamid Najafi

“Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.” – Rumi

We are very pleased and excited to welcome our new team member, Dr. Hamid Najafi who will be joining us as Advisory Board Member and an ambassador for our girls who are building Afghanistan 2.0. Welcome on board Dr. Hamid Najafi!

Dr. Hamid Najafi is joining Code to Inspire team as he says: “I believe the world has to do more to help girls and women overcome the hurdles our societies have erected against them through the years. I have two daughters myself, and even though they live in the US, I see the misogynies embedded in the culture that need to be corrected. In countries like Afghanistan and Iran, and in general in the Middle East, the laws and the culture try to hold back women in a variety of ways. One way to help change this to educate women and help them be financially independent. I would like to be one of the people who helps make this change.”

Dr. Hamid Najafi is currently the CEO of Sensoplex (DBA Rover Health), Inc. a company specialized in Remote Patient Monitoring of gait, balance, and fall risk.
Prior to Sensoplex, he was General Manager of Invensense International and Sr. Director of Applications Engineering at Invensense (sold to TDK), a leading Silicon Valley manufacturer of MEMS motion sensors.
He co-founded Broadlink Research Inc. in 2005 which developed the first Disney Mobile phone which was marketed by Vodafone in Europe. He also invented the first fully integrated cellular signal repeater for consumer applications.
Hamid was the founder of Wireless Link which was a developer of advanced wireless products. The company was sold to CSI Wireless of Canada in 2000 and he served as the CTO of the new entity for 3 years.
In 2003, he co-founded a non profit organization for development of a low cost method for retrofitting village homes in earthquake prone countries to withstand earthquakes better.
He has 14 patents and 5 more pending. Hamid received his Ph.D. In Electrical Engineering from Stanford University in 1983.

همچو خورشید به ذرات جهان قسمت کُن
گر نصیبِ تو ز گردون، همه یک نان باشد

صائب تبریزی، شاعر قرن یازده هجری

خرسندیم از اینکه دکتر حمید نجفی عضو جدید هیئت مدیره کد تو انسپایر و سفیر برنامه های ما در آمریکا مقرر شد

دکتر حمید نجفی دلیل اینکه چرا به تیم ما پیوستند را اینطور ذکر می کنند:من معتقدم كه جهان باید اقدامات بیشتری را برای كمك به دختران و زنان برای غلبه بر موانعی كه جوامع ما در طول سال ها علیه آنها ساخته اند ، انجام دهد. من خودم دو دختر دارم و گرچه آنها در ایالات متحده زندگی می کنند، اما هنوز چالش هایی وجود دارد که باید اصلاح شود. در کشورهایی مانند افغانستان و ایران و به طور کلی در خاورمیانه ، قوانین و فرهنگ سعی می کنند زنان را از جهات مختلفی عقب نگه دارد. یکی از راه های کمک به تغییر این امر، آموزش زنان و کمک به آنها برای دستیابی به استقلال مالی است. من می خواهم یکی از افرادی باشم که به ایجاد این تغییر کمک می کند.

به امید افغانستانی آباد و آزاد
به زنان سرزمینمان باورمندیم