Code to Inspire (CTI) uses technology education and outreach to provide Afghan women with leverage in their fight for social, political, and economic equality.


We build skills and infrastructure for women to compete in the global tech market, empowering them financially and socially.


As role models for other young Afghan women, CTI graduates demonstrate that women are capable of adding value to their communities far beyond simple housework.

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School Location At Herat

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Our Founder Fereshteh

Sometimes you don’t have the available resources to succeed but because I was born as a refugee, I learned to be scrappy and resourceful. I learned to make the best out of everything and it has gotten me to where I am today. I believe great things can start with empty hands. Knowledge is power and technology is the tool for this empowerment. That’s why I chose become a citizen of the world without considering geographical boundaries.

As Rumi said: “Where there is ruin, there is hope for great treasure.”

From the ruins of a shattered nation and the shattered lives of refugees can come treasure, if we know where to find it.

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Donation Examples


Sponsor one months free education for one student


Provide one month of sustainable electricity to our coding school


Provide one month of Internet for the entire school (100 girls)


Cover one month of rent for school facilities